Merchant Services Reviews

SMBReviews currently has the following companies listed as our top five rated merchant service providers. Each is unique and we feel has features that will appeal to different merchants depending on their size, processing volume, expansion plans, and goals. We recommend that merchants speak with each of these vendors to determine the best option for their business, and so that they can have an accurate understanding of the value that each processor can bring to their business. We encourage all merchants to evaluate multiple processors and find the one that you are most comfortable working with.

Additionally there may be a processor that you are interested in that is not currently in our top five. Before you sign an agreement with any merchant service provider, make sure that you feel comfortable with the experience in your sales call – it will most likely set the tone for your experience as their customer. Our reviews are based on our research, aggregate ratings, and comments available online from current and former customers, they are not guarantee to be your experience.

RatingProcessorKey NotesStarsLearn More
1CayanLowest Overall Costs and In-house Customer Service; Individuals working with Cayan are working with the best. The company is our top rated merchant service provider based on their commitment to providing the lowest overall cost and delivering a superior in-house customer service experience to their merchants.4.48 starsRead Review
2PayJunctionPayJunction has developed an integrated system that offers a number of perks over what might be considered a "traditional merchant account" set up. While the overall costs can be a premium, high customer service and ease of use make this an interesting option for merchants willing to think beyond a credit card terminal/pos set up.4.36 starsRead Review
3Chase PaymentechEstablished and respected brand; Chase Paymentech offers a solid offering for small business owners, and falls just short of our top ranking.4.25 starsRead Review
4For many merchants the question will come down to whether the increased costs and worth the simplicity of ease that PaySimple offers through these plans.4.20 StarsRead Review
5bluepayBluePay receives high marks for their commitment to customer service and security offering a well rounded solution for most merchants. They stack up extremely favorably with their competition and should definitely be on the short list of processors that merchants consider before selecting the one that is the best fit for their business.4.16 starsRead Review

Note: If you expect to process less than $500 a month in credit card transactions then we advise you to check out our top 3 mobile processing solutions available here. While you will be paying more per transaction than with a traditional merchant account, you will not be dealing with the overhead that is associated with one of these accounts and will save money.

Our full list of Processors we have reviewed is available here. We will be adding to this list as we continue to review and evaluate merchant service providers, if there is a processor you would like to see added please contact us and let us know.

If you would like to learn more about how credit card processing works, we have recently published an article in our resources section that reviews the entire process from when a customer gives your their credit card information through the money finally being deposited in your bank account. It is available now at Understanding Credit Card Processing.