Starting a business should be a breeze when you figure out proper marketing and branding. These two will be your best friends as your company flourishes and grows. They will soon turn into your support system, what keeps your company up. You might be wondering, “Which should be given more importance: marketing or branding?” This has been a longstanding argument within the business, advertising, and creative worlds. 

And if you’re a newbie entrepreneur, you’ll definitely get confused as to where to put your efforts- so here’s a quick guide to help you differentiate between the two! 


The usual impression on the term “marketing” is that it’s very technical, since it leans more on the finance and research side of the business. However, don’t get intimidated- marketing is simply how you come up with strategies and tactics as to how to make your product sell more. In marketing, it is very crucial that you are aware of the external factors that may affect your business– and these include your target consumer and business competitors. Having a grasp of these factors will allow you to adjust your product according to your audience’s needs and your competitor’s weaknesses.  

Marketing is an ever-evolving part of your business, simply because the needs of your consumers and your competitors are ever-changing, too. But bear in mind one thing: make sure to always uphold your business’ goals and principles even though your marketing methods change.  

Marketing goes hand in hand with branding. Why so? Marketing is essentially how you are going to bring your company out into the public. Knowing your branding and how to market it are two things you wouldn’t want away from each other because without a branding, you won’t be able to market properly. If you do have a branding but you can’t market it properly, you won’t be able to sell. A company’s marketing has to be strong enough and up to date to be able to sell to different groups within your target audience. Think of ideas that will resonate best with your audience. You could throw in true to life advertisements, or relatable content for audience to laugh to. 

  • Social Media Pages – Create your own fan page. This would bring you closer to your audience. Use catchy tags to expand your reach by limiting what they view.  
  • Paid Media Advertisements – Advertise online! Get sponsorships, pay for an online advertisement space. That’ll help you get your advertisements out in the open where they’re on click away. 


Branding is the very core of your business. It encompasses your identity, goals, and ideals, and most importantly sets you apart from your competitors. A good branding is one that is easy to remember- so once you establish an effective branding, you’re sure to build consumer loyalty. Think of it this way, branding is what establishes the overall feel of your company. 

You have to have a unique branding that would stick with your audience. This will make remember how your company projects itself by having signatures that other companies may not possess. Your branding could be something close to your heart, it could be in the way people dress, the way people act in their work environment. It could even be something physical, like the way your employees look, or maybe in the color aesthetics of your company. Your company could be known for its great customer services, really, branding is what connects you to your audience. 

Having presented the definitions of branding and marketing, it should be emphasized that each definitely play big roles to the success of your business. Never forget to stick to your company’s values because your values will be guiding you all throughout, whether you decide to change your marketing strategies, or re-vamp your branding. 

Ultimately, they’ll work hand in hand as branding makes it easier for you to market your business, while marketing allows your consumers to remember your brand. Thus, equal importance must be given to the two; strike the right balance and you’re sure to have a smooth-sailing business. 

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