Youtube is one of the most famous social media websites out there. It is also one of the best platforms to use to sell products online. It’s like TV Shopping, only better. With Youtube, you can make your own videos and take your time thinking of additional marketing plans! 

There are two ways you can sell via Youtube. First is via Adsense, Google’s advertising platform and the second is by creating your own youtube channel. Adsense allows you to create videos, images, and interactive ads to be posted across a number of platforms including Youtube!  

Now here’s the fun part, making your own youtube channel. The average youtuber may earn about $2 per thousand views. Owning your own youtube channel and providing your own content not only decreases advertising costs but adds additional income as well. 


If you’ve established your brand, you know that youtube can help you show off your products in endless ways. You can not only advertise your product as the product itself but you can also expand its marketing by advertising its different uses and applications. You can even link your videos to other social media sites for added visibility to your target audience.  

Your videos can have their own sequence or you can create playlists that are specified to one product to help your viewers navigate easily! 


Youtube allows you to be interactive and creative in the way you advertise your products. You can produce a video that can link to other videos that link to the storyline of your advertisement.  

You can produce advertisements that would keep the comments coming, create “cliffhanger” vids or videos that touch the heart. You can also interact with the via the video itself by asking them to share their experiences! Or you could hold contests! 

Custom Playlists 

You can link other videos to your official platforms instead. This gives viewers a glimpse of how other customers’ experiences with your product. Custom playlists would also help you by expanding your sponsorships. You can opt to sponsor youtubers consistently give good reviews! 

Optimize Your Channel 

Make sure your channel is inviting! Create catchy titles, provide descriptions, and provide helpful links to support your advertisements. Optimizing your channel will increase your clicks in all your social media channels! 

Go Viral 

The best way to market your products is to go viral. Viral videos are videos that get the most views. Good examples of these are videos that don’t seem to be advertisements.

There’s a lot of those videos nowadays but you won’t run out of ideas for your product of choice. You can use that concept to advertise unexpectedly or just start conversations about the video! 

Always make sure to listen to your viewers. Look for areas of improvement and work from there. The competition in Youtube isn’t easy, using Youtube to boost your sales may take a lot of effort, but the time spent on producing videos would definitely be worth it once you see your work paying off. 

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