Email Marketing Reviews

In the world of online marketing, email is sometimes not given the credit it deserves. This makes sense, with a number of providers offering services that aren’t wholly realized by businesses. But when put into practice correctly, email can add a major boost to small and medium sized businesses alike. The rub lies in finding the right marketing service to help maximize the medium, making email an advantage to your business rather than a nuisance to your potential clients and buyers.

The following are our top five rated email marketing solutions available on the market today.

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1BenchmarkAll in all, Benchmark offers the majority of tools and features businesses look for in a marketing service. A few snags keep it from gaining a perfect score, but for your money, Benchmark should be on the list of email services to check out.4.40 starsRead Review
2Vertical ResponseAn improved interface, event management tools, and various social media tools keep it in the conversation as a solid corporate email marketing platform.4.37 starsRead Review
3PinPointePinpointe offers stellar services, features, and the best analytics available, but at a considerably steeper price than the competition.4.30 starsRead Review
4Constant ContactA few items graced our wish list, but on the whole Constant Contact met our needs with options that allow it to scale to most businesses specifications.4.27 starsRead Review
5iContactWhereas some services appear to require advanced degrees in coding to set up attractive email campaigns, iContact makes the process impossibly easy, with simple, straightforward processes from start to finish, all at competitive prices.4.23 starsRead Review

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