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Tips for Finding the Best Merchant Account

Reviewing merchant account providers? What should be a simple and straightforward process can actual be quite daunting for a merchant – whether you are new to credit card processing or


Avoiding Chargebacks

When a small business owner is trying to make it out in the big business world, there are several things that can make life very frustrating. One of those is


How Your Smart Phone Will Become Your Wallet

A recent a study conducted by the Imagining the Internet Center of Elon University and Internet & American Life Project at the Pew Research Center suggest that mobile payment solutions


What your business needs to know about PCI data security standards

In 2006 the major credit card brands came together to establish a new set of rules and guidelines to ensure that merchants are safeguarding credit card information properly.  The result


Preventing Credit Card Processing Fraud

Often when credit card fraud is making headlines in the media the focus is on the consumer. Unfortunately the other major party impacted is the owner of the business. Interestingly


Understanding your “Discount Rate”

As a small business owner you may have found yourself wondering, “What exactly does Merchant Discount Rate mean?” You would be surprised to learn how many business owners I speak


SquareUp and PCI Compliance

A major issue facing small business owners who are considering Square Credit Card Processing instead of a merchant account is the issue of security. Square’s security details are available here


Choosing between PayPal or a Merchant Account?

If you are starting an online business many merchants quickly come to the dilemma of how to accept payments for their services/goods. PayPal is likely the most well known option