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Driving Traffic- Think Like Your Audience (The Art of the Title)

Every small business owner has heard many times how important it is to drive traffic to his or her website in order to acquire more customers and make more sales.


Five Female Startup Success Stories

The business world has long been considered a male-dominated world where women have struggled to find a little bit of spotlight. Historically, a woman who ran a business was considered


Building a Landing Page that Converts

All it takes is just one good landing page to boost revenue. Moz, for example, generated $1,000,000 from a single landing page. Conversion Rate Experts had created the landing page


Don’t Forget These Small Business Tax Deductions

For a small business owner, maximizing your tax deductions is like money in your pocket. Every time you find one you can use it reduces the amount of income you


Small Business Funding Options

Small businesses in today’s world exist in a new economic landscape that requires creativity and thinking out-of-the-box when handling financing matters. When dealing with financing, you have to make use


Using The Interview Process to Select an Effective Intern

Selecting a college intern can often be a difficult process for a business. Because most college intern candidates have little “real world” experience, you will often have to make a


Increasing Productivity in Your Small Business Workforce

Although the job market has experienced its share of ups and downs in the recent years, it’s important for employers to attract and maintaining top quality talent; primarily because of


The Best Apps for SMB Finance and Accounting

Running a small business means you wear many hats throughout the day. When you can find software that will help you run your business, you won’t be completely overwhelmed with