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Philip Barry is a contributing writer to After graduating from Fairfield University with a B.A. in French and International Studies he lived in Bordeaux, France for four years before serving with the U.S. Peace Corps in Ethiopia.


Critical Factors for Successful Crisis Management

In 1982 Johnson & Johnson faced a potentially crippling disaster when bottles of its powerhouse brand Tylenol were tampered with resulting in several deaths. Faced with a crisis of unprecedented


Back to Basics – Small Business Fundamentals

Businesses in today’s fast paced and competitive marketplace are always looking for the latest and most innovative way to grow and expand their presence. All too often however, this rush


Some of the Best Career Advice Ever Given

The business world today, from the smallest outfits on up, exists in era of job seeking and career ladders that is growing more competitive by the day. Gone are the


Some of the Worst Career Advice Ever Given

It seems no matter the topic today everyone and their brother has their two cents to offer. Career advice is no different. As well-meaning as people can be, however, it’s


Social Media Marketing Missteps

So you’ve been told that your small business needs to get on the social media bandwagon or risk going the way of the dinosaur. While that’s all well and good


Why Your Degree Doesn’t Dictate Your Career

Once upon a time deciding which direction you wanted to head after school was simply a question of what you studied in college. In today’s world however, the matter of


What’s Separating You From the Millionaire You Want to Be

The answer in the simplest terms may be the habits you develop and implement in your everyday life. The road to where you want to be professionally is paved with


Why You Need to Delegate and Trust Before You Grow

Remember that time President Lincoln also served as each of his own cabinet members? Or when Henry Ford manned every station on his famed assembly lines? Yeah, nor does anybody

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