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Philip Barry is a featured contributor to After graduating from Fairfield University with a B.A. in French and International Studies he lived in Bordeaux, France for four years before serving with the U.S. Peace Corps in Ethiopia.


Bad Habits Your Customers Can’t Stand

When you’ve been walking around the office with a drop of mustard on your shirt and someone hands you a Tide To Go pen, or when a coworker points out


Understanding Employee Turnover – It Could Be an Opportunity

Once upon a time people entering the workforce and beginning their career with a company looked forward to getting that commemorative wristwatch after twenty-five years on the job, or to


The Benefits of an Organized Workspace

Everybody has their own style when it comes to getting things done and tackling the next project. Having said that, though, it’s a safe bet to say that nobody is


Developing Your Workplace Culture

Between Mad Men and their booze-fueled workdays, Google with their indoor food trucks and adult jungle gyms or whatever, or watching Office Space for the fiftieth time and cringing once


What Interview Questions Should You Ask Millennials?

As alien as Generation Y may seem to older bosses or hiring managers, they are becoming an increasingly important and omnipresent sector of the workforce. By 2020 Millennials will represent


Should You Hire Millennials?

Your business is scaling up and you’ve managed to land that big new contract or client that promises to put your outfit on the map, finally. All of a sudden


The Best Salespeople Thrive on Rejection

If you ask anyone who’s been in the business for a while they’ll tell you that sales, far more than just an occupation, is a way of life. Part of


Office Hierarchy – Friend or Foe?

Nothing is quicker to discourage employees than the specter of some far removed manager sweeping in to beat them over the head with archaic rules and overbearing regulations, looking down