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Michael Barry is the Editor-In-Chief at Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts, he received his B.A. in Financial Economics from St. Anselm College and his MFA in Creative Writing from the Stonecoast Program at the University of Southern Maine.


Ways Employers Can Make Unpaid Internships Worthwhile

Unpaid interns may often feel exploited. Sure they’re getting experience, credit, their foot in the door or whatever other higher education cliches are in vogue. And even as cliches, these


How To Write A Business Plan: Part 1 – Executive Summary

The business plan boot camp will consist of nine parts in total, each tackling a portion of the plan and the basics of how to handle its successful creation as


What Small Businesses Need to Know About Labor Costs

Payroll is expensive, perhaps more so than the average small business owner realizes. Depending upon the industry, wages and associated compensation paid to employees range from 10 percent to 30


Pivoting Your Business to Kickstart Growth

Entrepreneurs often start out with a strong conviction that their vision is achievable, but almost all of them later admit that their original solution was not a perfect match for


The Importance of a Right-Hand Man

There is a leading figure in every company. That person is seen as the figurehead, the boss, the manager, and the decision maker. If this person was forward thinking, he


Healthy Office and Home: Work Life Balance As You Start Your Business

Healthy Office and Home: Work Life Balance As You Start Your Business Starting a new business can be a major undertaking. Many first-time business owners commonly find themselves struggling to


Finding Non-Traditional Funding for Startups

Small business owners everywhere struggle with keeping their heads above water when it comes to finding funding. Most small businesses fail within the first year of business. The cause: they


Five Ways to Unlock Creativity in the Workplace

Teach the Process Creativity isn’t taught as a course of action in contemporary educational circles. Students are taught much in their school days through grade school and as undergraduates. But