Optimizing Google Analytics for Your Business

Optimizing Google Analytics for Your Business

5 Ways you can Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Business

After spending a lot of resources on your new website, you need to measure your return on investment, capture leads, and a few other things to achieve your business goals with greater ease. Google Analytics is a powerful data-analysis program that many business owners in the U.S and around the world use to manage the progress of their websites. Google says that this management tool provides useful analytics for all people with a web presence. Here are major ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your own business.

Track Up with Your Competition

Google Analytics allows you to use the benchmarking screen to compare your traffic stats with your competition. While this data is not always 100 percent perfect, since some of your competitors may not be using Google Analytics, it offers useful insight. If you already know whether your site receives more or less traffic than your competitors, you can still use this tool to find out how engaged your visitors are in comparison to your competition. You will be better placed to understand how you stack up against them and where you need to make changes by simply comparing stats like average time on site.

You can also use Google Analytics to check your rank on Google. If you already know the keywords that drive traffic to your business, you need to try to increase your ranking for the same keywords for better results. If your keywords are driving a lot of traffic, but you are featuring on any other page other than page one of Google, you need to use Google Analytics to help you work your way to page one.

Know Where Your Website needs Modification

Other than getting more traffic on your site, another way to increase your sales is to control how many people leave your website. Google Analytics can give you this critical information. If most of your visitors are not staying on your site long enough, it could mean you need to modify your site design or product offering to ensure it is very attractive. This is often the easiest way to improve your business.

Google Analytics can help you identify the stage at which your visitors decide to quit. You can use this information to understand what most of your visitors do not like and modify that specific information. You create better calls to action, add links to each page, or use Google Website Optimizer to enhance the performance of your web pages, depending on what really causes your visitors to leave your site prematurely.

Visitors Who Use Mobile Phones

The number of people using their mobile phones to view websites is on a steady increase. A Cisco study provides that mobile traffic grew by approximately 81 percent in 2013. Four hundred and six million users were connected in the same year. This shows your site needs to be accessible by mobile users. Google analytics can help you know the exact number of visitors who view your website with mobile devices.

Exact Geographical Location of Your Visitors

Many people use the map overlay feature in the country view to get this information, but that does not provide many useful pieces of information about online visitors. Drilling down to the city level is an appropriate way of finding more information. Once you do this, you are able to tailor your services to meet the specific needs of your specific audiences.

Repeat Sales Vs Window Shoppers

In case your customers buy your product or service once, and you never see them again, it is appropriate always to get more new visitors on the site. On the other hand, if you are interested in returning customers, then your objective may be to improve your returning visitors account. Cookies or referrer information can help you display custom options to different types of visitors.

The Final Words

Your overall business goals determine how you set up Google Analytics. Unfortunately, most people do not know their own business goals and, for that reason, have no goals set up within their analytics account. Without clear goals, it is impossible to know whether you are meeting your numbers of not. For those who do not have their goals, it is advisable they set them up. If you have, go ahead and tie in goal data with all your other traffic stats.

Just like any website analysis tool, other than a paid premium version, Google Analytics has basic, free account. This free account has enough versatile management tools to help small and medium businesses to realize their business goals.

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