Credit Card Processing by Telephone

For small business owners, many orders are processed far differently than for larger businesses; often through mail orders and telephone orders. Rather than processing orders online or being scanned at the point of sale retail location, mail and phone orders involve processing credit card payments when the card is not physically present. While one option for processing such orders would be to use the Internet, this is not always a viable option for some small businesses. After all, there are oftentimes customers who simply do not trust the idea of making payments via credit card online or who simply do not go online. Regardless of what the reason might be, businesses need a reliable option for making telephone and mail order credit card payments. A telephone merchant account can serve as a solution to such situations.

Telephone merchant accounts are capable accepting credit cards as well as debit cards, personal checks and even gift cards. The advantages to using this type of merchant account are certainly numerous, including added convenience for the customer and an increase in revenue from credit card business for the retailer. When considering whether a telephone merchant account is a good option for your business, it is important to be aware that charges for such systems may be higher than other systems due to the fact that a greater risk is involved since neither the cardholder nor the card are physically present at the point of sale.

The various options for fees for telephone merchant accounts include fixed fees, which are typically paid on a monthly basis, and per transaction fees. There may also be one-time charges that are assessed when you apply for this type of merchant account as well as opening and possibly closing account fees. Telephone merchant account systems often offer the opportunity to lease a credit card processing terminal. Another option is to connect through a personal computer, although the risk for fraud is greater with this latter option.

Telephone merchant accounts are usually a good solution for any type of business that conducts sales transactions. They are particularly beneficial for retailers who use general advertising for their marketing. If you are not sure whether a telephone merchant account is a good option for your business, be sure to ask whether the merchant account system offers a lease option that will allow you to try out the system to find out whether it is right for you before you make a long-term commitment.

It is also important to consider whether the prospective telephone merchant account systems offer simplicity and ease of use. Also, can they be used for other types of transactions as well? Do you feel comfortable using that system? Can the system be operated simply and easily through the use of a keypad? Ultimately, the best system will be one which you can operate with little to no training.

The best telephone merchant system will be one which offers ease and simplicity for both you as well as your customer. The right telephone merchant account will allow you to easily consolidate your transaction records while significantly reducing the risk for fraud. For small business owners, these benefits can certainly be advantageous. If you have found yourself turning away sales in the past because you were not able to accept telephone and mail order credit card sales, this type of system can provide you with the freedom to do so and increase your revenues at the same time.

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